Royan International Virtual Congress, 2021

Royan International Twin Congress was held on September 1st to 5th, 2021. The 22nd Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine and 17th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology were held virtually with about 600 participants.
19 foreign researchers beside the national scientists were invited to have lectures and discuss about COVID19 and its effect on male and female reproduction, Laboratory Aspects of ART, Mechanism and Management of recurrent implantation failure, Advances in the Management of Varicocele, Freeze or Fresh Embryo Transfer, Generation of Artificial Gamete, Early and late ART outcome (Complications of Pregnancy, Pre-Mature Labor, Children of ART) and also Nuclear Reprogramming and Transgenesis in Farm Animals, Cellular Identity: Early Development and Pluripotency, Stem Cell in Cancer Development and Therapy, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Microenvironmental Cues at Stem Cell Niche, Micro/Nano Technologies for Stem Cell Research.

The impressive Keynote Lectures were on COVID-19 updated topics with the following outlines: Engineering a Model to Study COVID-19 Infection: Bioprinting, Microfluidics, and Organoids, Reproduction and COVID-19, Andrological Consequences of COVID-19 and Novel Therapeutic Approaches for COVID19.

The oral presenters and poster presenters were selected from about 300 research abstracts received by Royan congress secretariat. The scientific manager of 22nd congress of Reproductive Biomedicine and 17th Congress on Stem Cell Biology and Technology were Dr M Sabbaghian and Dr F Karamali respectively. The executive manager of Royan Twin Congress was Dr R Fathi.
Publish date: 2021/09/06