Royan Institute Is Ranked in the Top Ten Research Institutes Worldwide

Royan Institute is ranked in the top ten research institutes worldwide the last two decades based on the results of investigations by researchers from eight American, African, Asian and European countries, the results of which are published in the international journal Andrologia, according to the total number of publications in the field of male infertility and assisted reproductive techniques (ART).
These results show that assisted reproductive techniques are considered as one of the main options in treatment management and Royan Institute is considered as one of the world's leading indicators in this field.
The results of this invistigation are obtained from the retrieval and analysis of twenty years of data by researchers around the world, including metrics such as article count, authorship, international collaboration, citations, and topical areas. Data was collected from SCOPUS, JASIST website, and Scimago.
Beside focusing the high international level cooperation of Iranian researchers, it has been shown that research trend during 2000-2020 has always been constant and research on azoospermia (obstructive/non-obstructive) has been the most field of clinical studies (more than 60%). Correspondingly applying ART leaded to more than 47% success  rate as the main result.
According to research, ART currently play a special role in the treatment management of men, which is done by increasing the likelihood of fertilization by bypassing the functional and structural defects of the sperm and reproductive system.
Royan Institute is one of the few operational centers that is active in both research and treatment fields and with a step-by-step approach, is the leading center in the field of assisted reproduction and the main purpose of this research is their application in the treatment of diseases.
Publish date: 2020/12/09