Convention Honoring the Benefactors of Royan Institute's Health Research

At the convention honoring the benefactors of health research and the pioneers of embryo infertility treatment, the benefactors declared their readiness to support the realization of three major embryo projects. They pledged to provide the essential equipment the research institute requires for cell therapy, gene therapy, and fertility preservation advancements.
According to the public relations report of the Royan Institute, coinciding with the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the Royan Institute, a 'Convention to Honor the Benefactors of Health Research and the Veterans of Royan Infertility Treatment' was held in the conference hall of this medical, research, and educational center.
At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Abdol Hossein Shahverdi, the president of Royan Institute, welcomed the audience and remarked, 'June 8th marks the anniversary of Royan's establishment and over these 33 years, we have experienced many moments both challenging and rewarding. He added: The birth of more than 50,000 children at the Royan Complex and the illumination of countless homes are among the most cherished memories of the past 33 years at the Royan Institute. Some individuals faced legal challenges regarding their births, but once they had children, their lives transformed. This is the rewarding aspect of our work.
He continued, "Recently, with the collaboration of the Deputy of Research and Technology and the Public Relations Department, valuable documentation from the benefactors of Royan's health initiatives has been collected and compiled into booklets and video clips, and these documents demonstrate that the benefactors have always supported Royan Institute. This collection has achieved national and international recognition, thanks to the grace of God and the assistance of these benefactors. We anticipate that in the 33rd year of the Royan Institute, we will inaugurate a new, well-documented program. We aspire that your benevolent intentions, coupled with the dedication of our experts, will continue to uphold the beacon of hope throughout the nation.
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Salarianzadeh, CEO of Royan Health Donor Institute, officially declared that over three thousand billion Tomans have been generously donated by benefactors to date. The Lotus Charity Fund has been established to accommodate the generosity of benefactors willing to contribute in any capacity. Operating within the realm of the stock exchange, this fund provides an avenue for individuals to extend their assistance in various monetary denominations. Since its inception in 2019, the fund has facilitated the realization of 62 impactful projects, thanks to the collective support of our benevolent patrons.
Mr. Mohammad Hossein Rezaei, a distinguished figure among health philanthropists and an esteemed member of the Board of Trustees of the Royan Health Donors Institute, has pledged his support towards the advancement of Royan's mission. With utmost dedication, he has committed to jointly financing three significant projects of Royan in collaboration with another charitable organization. Furthermore, Mr. Rezaei has graciously announced his intention to sponsor the procurement of essential equipment vital to Royan's operations, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the betterment of healthcare services through philanthropic endeavors.
At the conclusion of this prestigious ceremony, esteemed veterans within the domain of infertility treatment were duly recognized for their invaluable contributions. Among the honored individuals were Mohammad Ali Sedighi Gilani, Seyed Jalil Hosseini, Faramarz Farhi, Farid Dadkhah, Mahnaz Ashrafi, Tahereh Madani, Ashraf Moini, Ensieh Shahrokh Tehrani-nejad, Ahmad Hosseini, and Mojtabi Rezazadeh Volojerdi. Their dedication and expertise have significantly enriched the field of infertility treatment, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

Publish date: 2024/05/29