15th Royan International Summer School; 2024

15th Royan International Summer School; 2024
15th Royan International Summer School is being held to enhance the knowledge and skills of students and graduates in biomedical sciences.
According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Royan Institute, the 15th edition of the Royan Institute International Summer School will be held at the Royan Institute Conference Hall from July 22 to 25, 2024. The scientific theme is "Genome Editing: Unleashing the Power of DNA," focusing on gene therapy and cancer treatment, and will be attended by students, university professors, and specialists in related fields. Distinguished national and international professors will deliver lectures during these four days, and it is an in-person event.

This summer school offers CME points for members of the veterinary system and is structured around four main themes as follows:
1. A Dive into the Genetic Engineering
   - Concepts and Gene Editing
   - Gene Editing Tools
   - Molecular Cloning

2. Genome Editing: The Art of Molecular Modification
   - Gene Editing Techniques (CRISPR, TALENs, etc.)
   - Animal Modeling for Diseases
   - Medical Ethics in the Field of Genome Editing and Future Challenges
3. The Promise of Gene Editing in Medicine
   - Gene Therapy for Cancer
   - Gene Therapy for Other Diseases
   - DNA and RNA Vaccines
4. Genome Editing in Technology and Agriculture
   - Genome Editing in Plants
   - Agricultural Biotechnology

The scientific secretary of this event is Dr. Amir Amiri-Yekta, and the executive secretary is Ms. Fatemeh Hasheminejad. The main supporters of the 15th Royan Summer School are the Headquarters for the Development of Stem Cell Science and Technology, Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, Royan Ati Tech Pharmed Company, and the Royan Health Research Benefactors.

Those interested can visit https://royan-edu.ir to register and obtain more information or contact +982123562177. It should be noted that on-site registration is also available. Additionally, the list of workshops accompanying the summer school will be announced later.
Publish date: 2024/07/02