Prof. Hossein Baharvand is among the Top Two Percent of Most Cited Researchers in the World

Prof. Hossein Baharvand, a faculty member of Royan Institute and the head of Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology, was included in the list of the top two percent of most cited researchers in the world, in the field of clinical medicine. The fourth edition of "composite citation index" research which was published on October 10, 2022, by Elsevier Publishing and in collaboration with a number of Stanford University researchers, is a collection of several separate citation indices that Stanford University researchers have introduced and calculated. These indices are based on the number of citations received by scientists' articles, their authorship positions, and the h-index. According to the latest version of this database during the period 1996 and 2021, out of the total number of 195,605 international researchers, there are 715 researchers with organizational affiliation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, including Prof. Baharvand. Professor Hossein Baharvand, a prominent Iranian researcher in the field of biology from Royan Institute, is the selected resident of Islamic countries for the Mustafa prize in 2019 and the winner of the TWAS (World Academy of Sciences) award in 2019.
Publish date: 2022/11/20