The 4th Royan International Cancer Symposium from the Bench to Bedside

According to Royan Public Relations, the Royan International Cancer Symposium was held in person and virtually simultaneously with National Cancer Week, from January 25th to 26th, and it was welcomed by professionals.
On the first day, Specialists and professors of biology and stem cell technology, faculty members and students of universities across the country, and health benefactors attended.
At the beginning of this ceremony, Professor Amir Ali Hamidieh, secretary of council for development of stem cell sciences and technologies and one of the scientific secretaries of the symposium, expressed modern views on cancer prevention and treatment.
Referring to the model of the University of Texas and MD Anderson Cancer Center, he wished to eradicate this disease from the country.
Dr. Faezeh Shekari, the other scientific secretary of this symposium, referred to the program and scientific-based of the symposium, pointed out the news of cancer treatment and indigenous products produced in cancer treatment, including the products of knowledge-based Kia-Cell (Kian Immune cell), and she stated that the latest cancer research findings and projects will be introduced in this program.
The Royan exhibition of research-therapeutic achievements was also held on the sidelines of this scientific-specialized program, and Royan knowledge-based companies introduced their advanced cellular products and the latest findings.
Dr. Marzieh Ebrahimi, a faculty member and director of Royan Institute's Cancer Department, emphasized that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, she said: We should put aside the expenses incurred on treatment and move towards the prevention and intelligent diagnosis of cancer. Because early prevention and early diagnosis reduce both the patient's problems and the family's worries.
She added: Cancer treatment with new methods, including cell therapy and gene therapy, requires huge initial costs for the development of this technology, which requires the efforts of benefactors and government support. In this symposium, the results of clinical trials using natural killer cells (NK Cells) from unrelated people in treating patients with malignant brain tumors were presented, which is considered one of the achievements of the Royan Institute.
The 4th International Cancer Symposium from the Bench to Bedside was held with the efforts of Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology (RI-SCBT) and Royan Reproductive Biomedicine Institute, as well as the cooperation of Royan Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Technology Development Center and Khairin Salamat Institute.
Mr. Mahdi Lotfipanah, Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of Royan Institute, said: According to international documents and science analysis media, such as Elsevier, Royan Institute and the Islamic Republic of Iran are still leaders in the field of biology and technology of stem cells and reproductive sciences in the Middle East and the world. We hope to maintain our position in the Middle East region and the world by holding these scientific conferences, and we will provide the basis for improving the scientific level by exchanging knowledge in the country.
Publish date: 2023/01/29