World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day Coinciding with the birthday of the discoverer of insulin (Frederick Bunting) on November 14, this day was named World Diabetes Day. Royan Diabetes Clinic plans to hold an educational ceremony about this disease free of charge on November 13. Millions of diabetics were saved from the risk of death due to Bunting's unique discovery.
World Diabetes Day is a global awareness campaign held annually in over 160 countries and each year, a specific focus and slogan are chosen by the International Diabetes Federation. The main goals of this campaign are:
  • Informing communities, politicians and stakeholders around the world to pay special attention to diabetes
  • Informing about the activities of the International Diabetes Federation and the role that this organization plays in promoting world awareness
Royan diabetes clinic also helps people with or at risk of diabetes to have better control over their disease conditions by applying scientific and applicable solutions based on the most up-to-date treatment methods in the world. Also, to prevent diabetes and metabolic diseases, this center plans to hold an educational ceremony about this disease for free on November 13.
Publish date: 2023/11/12