Fifth Royan International Cancer Conference "From Bench to Bedside"

Fifth Royan International Cancer Conference The International Cancer Conference "From Bench to Bedside" hosted by the Royan Institute will be held on February 14-15, 2024.
According to the public relations report of Royan Institute, the fifth  Royan International Cancer Conference "From Bench to Bedside", will be held in Iran, on February 14-15, 2024. It addresses crucial aspects of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, with a focus on the growing trend of cancer incidence in Iran and globally.
This conference will be held for students/university professors/doctors and specialists in related fields with the lectures of prominent national and international oncology professors in person and virtual and with the privilege of retraining at the Royan conference hall.
While the incidence of cancer in Iran may currently be lower than the global average, the fact that it is experiencing a growing trend underscores the need for proactive measures in cancer control. Implementing effective strategies for prevention, early detection, and targeted treatment methods is crucial in mitigating the impact of this disease and reducing mortality rates.
Gene therapy, cell therapy, targeted immunotherapy, immunological virus therapy, cancer diagnosis and biosensors, oligonucleotide-based cancer treatment, ethics in cancer, pharmaceuticals, and personalized cancer medicine are the headlines for the International Cancer Conference "From Bench to Bedside" which covers a broad spectrum of topics crucial to advancing cancer research and treatment.
This conference will bring together cancer researchers, professors, experts, and stakeholders, to achieve several significant objectives, such as raising awareness about cancer in the field of diagnosis and treatment, and it wants to help researchers and those interested in this field to conduct effective research to fight cancer.
For registering and receiving additional information, you can refer to the website of Royan Education Deputy at or call 021-23562177.

Publish date: 2024/01/28