The 5th International Royan Cancer Conference" From Bench to Bedside" Was Held

The 5th International Royan Cancer Conference The 5th international Cancer Conference" From Bench to Bedside" was held at Royan Institute, on February 14-15, 2024.
According to the public relations report of Royan Institute, The 5th international Cancer Conference " From Bench to the Bedside" was widely welcomed by experts and professors in the field of cancer, on February 14-15, 2024.
Researchers, doctors, professors, health activists, university students, and knowledge-based companies attended this conference. During the opening ceremony of the conference, several prominent individuals expressed their views on cancer prevention and treatment. These individuals included Prof. Abdolhossein Shahverdi, the head of Royan Institute, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Moteallehi, the Secretary of the Biotechnology Development Staff, Dr. Sharif Moradi, Scientific Secretary of Cancer Conference, and Prof.Mohammad Reza Zali, Clinical Scientific Secretary of the Cancer Conference.
The head of Royan Institute emphasized that the objective of this conference is to create a strong connection between the fundamental sciences and the applied sciences of cancer. The conference aims to provide a platform for exchanging experiences among researchers, professors, and other institutions and universities. The ultimate goal is to bring hope to cancer patients through the collective efforts of the scientific community.
Other prominent speakers at this scientific conference include Prof. Javad Mulla (faculty member of Tarbiat Modares University), and Prof. Amirhassan Zarnani ( immunology professor and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Avicenna Research Institute.
During a scientific-specialist program, an exhibition was held to showcase the research and therapeutic achievements of the Royan Institute. The exhibition included knowledge-based companies such as Kian Immune Cell Company, miRas Biotechnology Company, and Royan Stem Cell Technology Company, which presented their latest advancements in the field of advanced cell-molecular products.
The 5th international Cancer Conference "from the Bench to Bedside was held with the efforts of the Cancer Working Group of the Stem Cell Biology and Technology Institute and with the support of Royan Institute.

Publish date: 2024/02/18