Royan Center for Innovative Technologies Acceleration and Commercialization

Royan Innovative Technologies Acceleration and Commercialization Center (RITAC) was established in 2019, enhancing the fundamental values of Royan Institute that is commercialization of research findings to offer services and biological products for the purpose of resolving the country’s specialized needs. RITAC investigates on feasibility of studies, writes business plans, and conducts Research and Technology Laboratory (RTL) researches to a higher financing and investment level. It also makes correlation between innovators, idea owner and investors.
RITAC is responsible for Venture Capital (VC) investment in Royan Institute through which some functional science-based companies and startup offices are handled. Here three companies are mentioned:


Royan Stem Cell Technology Co.
Royan Stem Cell Technology Company holds two private and public cord blood banks. The cord blood-extracted stem cell samples stored in both public and private banks, have made our country self-sufficient in providing the needed cells for cell-based transplantation. More than dozens thousand samples have been already stored in private bank whose owners have given their voluntary informed consent in donating them to the needy patients.

Royan Biotech Company
Royan Biotech is a spin-off company of Royan Institute to become a key player in the production of advanced biotechnological products for research. Royan Biotech team has more than 10 years experience in production high quality and inexpensive recombinant proteins including growth factors for cell culture.

Cell Tech Pharmed Company
Cell Tech Pharmed is a knowledge based company affiliated to Royan Institute and was launched with the investment of the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order in 2018.
Cell Tech Pharmed is one of the subsidiaries of Barekat Pharmaceutical Group; that is operating in the fields of developing and transferring technical knowledge, commercialization of new technologies and drug manufacturing.
Royan researchers have been making enormous and continuous effort to apply stem cells for treatment of patients, and after several years of effort, Cell Tech Pharmed is launched in order to pave the way for better treatment procedures and satisfactory services for patients.