Stem Cells for All

The Educational Group of Royan Institute of Cell Sciences has developed and expanded its educational program with the slogan "Stem Cell Knowledge at the disposal of everyone" in the form of setting up a "Set of Stem Cell Educational Laboratories for Everyone"; To achieve the lofty goal of informing and familiarizing the country's youth with the category of modern biological knowledge, especially stem cells and cell therapy, as well as cultivating expert forces in this field, and take a small step in motivating and discovering hidden talents among the country's youth.
The stem cell laboratory for all was equipped and launched in October 2011 in order to familiarize all interested students with the knowledge and technology of stem cells and their practical applications.
The educational programs of the stem cell laboratory for everyone are highly diverse due to the wide range of audiences from students to undergraduate and graduate students and professors and teachers. Therefore, in order to familiarize this wide range with the category of stem cells, we have prepared various programs for each audience group.
The educational laboratory of stem cells for everyone is located in building number four of Royan Institute; The laboratory is equipped with all the laboratory equipment needed for stem cell cultivation and educational assistance facilities and has the capacity to accept and train 10 participants in each course.
It should also be noted that at the end of the course, participants will be presented with a certificate of participation in the course.
Currently, the set of educational laboratories consists of seven educational laboratories that hold practical courses for two groups of students:
  • Educational laboratory for cultivation and maintenance of stem cells (students)
  • Educational laboratory for isolation and identification of cells (students only)
  • Educational laboratory for working with laboratory animals (students)
  • Dissection and histology educational laboratory (students)
  • Molecular biology educational laboratory (students)
  • Educational Laboratory of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering* (students)
  • Tissue engineering educational laboratory (student only)
* Those interested in participating in this course must have previously participated in the molecular biology course and be familiar with molecular techniques.

Programs of Educational Laboratories
  • School Students Program
Dear students, through their instructors and teachers, they can complete the application form for participation in any of the training courses and send it to or call 021-23562499 for coordination. Additional information and types of training courses can be found here.
Attention teachers and professors: due to the expansion of biology knowledge and the application of humanities, mathematics and physics in this branch of science, the educational laboratory has considered special programs for students of humanities, mathematics and physics.

  • University Students Program
Students and graduates of bachelor's and master's degrees in biology and paramedicine, as well as professional doctorates in medicine and veterinary medicine and medical engineers can register by participating in the practical course of any of the educational laboratories.
Considering the influence of various sciences in the knowledge of biology, it is also possible to hold training courses for students and graduates of theology, law, and management fields, so those interested can take advantage of this opportunity by sending their request to .

  • Teachers and Trainers Program
With the aim of expanding and providing the best possible knowledge of biology to students, the Stem Cells Educational Laboratory of Royan Institute organizes free practical and theoretical training courses for teachers and trainers and interested teachers so that we can see the prosperity of more people in the society in the field of stem cells. These dear ones can send their request to and register by submitting an official letter of introduction from the educational center in service and confirming it in the regional education.
  • Conducting the Course On-Site
Educational centers, including students, can send their requests to to take advantage of the on-site training program by checking the conditions and sending teachers to the place. So we can compensate for the costs of students traveling to and from the Royan Institute and space limitations, and we can see the spread of this knowledge everywhere in our country. It is worth mentioning that if needed, the provision of laboratory facilities will be the responsibility of the educational laboratory complex.

"Stem Cells for All" Royan Mobile Research Laboratory or bus
This mobile laboratory is ready to hold on-site training courses for the students of our dear country. This laboratory was set up with the aim of educating and raising awareness, as well as creating motivation, happiness, and hope among the youth of our beloved country, and it can be a suitable place to turn ideas into reality. To use the services of the mobile laboratory, please contact the "Stem Cells for All" center.