The Science-Based Companies Affiliated to Royan Institute

Royan Stem Cell Technology Company has started storing umbilical cord blood stem cells of newborn babies since 1384 and has managed to store more than 100,000 samples so far. Having 30 agencies in different provinces, these banks could prevent capital flight, by standardizing the process of collecting and freezing umbilical cord blood samples as well as transplant centers, in addition to treating malignant diseases and saving human lives and significantly increasing life expectancy in the country.
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 Cell Tech Pharmed Company has taken a step forward based on clinical and cellular research in the direction of developing and promoting the science of cell therapy in the form of mass production and the industrial phase. The overall goal of this company is to advance access to the highest quality in cell therapy, reduce pain, and ultimately provide a better quality of life for patients. Also, their mission is to advance therapeutic needs through new drugs, tools, and technology with the promise of more complete stem cell therapy.
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   Royan Biotech company supplies and manufactures biological products in order to offer products and services in a new structure. These products include all types of growth factors, molecular laboratory materials and kits, culture media and other laboratory items that are supplied under the Royan Tech brand during quality control.
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  Kian Immne Cell Company was established in 2019 with the aim of processing all types of blood and non-blood cells and producing tumor models to present to researchers and patients. Kian Immne Cell Company established the allogeneic NK bank with the aim of using it in cell therapy of brain tumors, and in this regard, conducted two phase 1 clinical trials in cooperation with Royan Institute and Rasool Akram Hospital.
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  This company has been registered with the aim of producing antibody-containing drugs using biotechnological methods. In this regard, he also produced the drug "Gamma Therapist" for one of the common livestock diseases.
This company produces :  immunotherapy drugs, and Production of formulated veterinary drugs, and  Production of supplements, concentrates and feed for light and heavy livestock and laboratory animals.

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  • Royan Dam Spadana Company (production of animal cell bank to preserve native breeds)                    
According to the challenge of the low genetic power of native livestock and their low economic profit, Royan Dam Spadana Company tried to solve this problem. Royan Dam Spadana Company tried to solve this problem by using its expertise and with the help of cloning, two-strain technology and embryo production with IVF method.
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  Ati Tech Pharmed Company has been facilitating the technical understanding of the commercial product for supply to the domestic and foreign medical markets. Carrying out all matters related to research and development, training and research, Transfer of technical knowledge, consultation and services in the field of production, sale and import and export of stem cell technology products and services, tissue engineering products, gene therapy products and services, cellular, molecular and recombinant materials, services and products, products related to cell culture and medical equipment, after obtaining the necessary permits, is one of the duties of this company.


Royan Institute, relying on the acquired knowledge and experience in treating infertility, broadens the boundaries of its knowledge and tries to answer the questions and uncertainties in treating fatal diseases through research. Royan Lotus Charitable Fund has been established to provide Royan Institute with a continuous flow of profit from this fund by collecting capital from philanthropic persons, forming a portfolio of assets, and managing this portfolio by providing Lotus capital so the financial resources needed for this research will be provided.


And the other companies such as : 

  • Gene Asa Company (activities in the field of recombinant proteins and antibodies)
  • Royin Tan Cell Company (activities in the field of skin and skin diseases)
  • Royan Bina Cell Company (activities in the field of eye diseases)
  • Royan Bone Cell Company (activities in the field of bone diseases and cartilage diseases) 
  • Royan Trade Development Company