Regenerative Medicine International Symposium; Chorionic and Degenerative Diseases

Royan Institute is going to hold the International Symposium on Regenerative Medicine in Chronic and Degenerative Diseases on December 6th, 2022, at the conference hall of Royan Institute.
The prominent national and international invited speakers will share out the new approaches to cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue engineering in Iran and the world. The latest topics in the field of regenerative medicine in bone and cartilage diseases, connective tissue, liver and digestion, skin, central nervous system, and cardiovascular diseases will be delivered in this symposium in order to introduce advanced and commercial treatment products.

The headlines of this International are:

•    Regenerative medicine and cell therapy
•    Recent developments in the field of modern medicine
•    Cell therapy approaches using blood cells and umbilical cord tissue
•    Tissue Engineering

This symposium is scientifically supported by the experience and expertise of the professors and specialists of the Regenerative Medicine department and Cell Therapy Center of Royan Institute for Stem Cell biology and technology. For more information, please visit
Publish date: 2022/11/20