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Undoubtedly, research in the field of Cell Science and working with advanced tools and devices in the field of Cell Science and Medicine Research is dependent on the presence of intellectual elite researchers and their collection of intellectual products. So progress and excellence of new research depend on the intellectual and scientific ability of these people or the movement of the scientific community from the current situation to the desired situation is a function of the conscious rise of researchers in all fields, which itself is dependent on the ideas and thinking of these elites in the society.
Royan Institute consists of three research institutes: Stem Cells, Reproductive Biology and Biotechnology. Research in the field of Stem Cells started in a small laboratory with a limited number of researchers in 2000 at Royan Institute, and now, the result of a decade of experience and knowledge is the presence of sixteen active research groups in various fields of cell-molecular sciences. In our opinion, the greatest achievement of the last decade of the Stem Cell Research Institute has been the institutionalization of the sciences related to stem cells for the use of these cells in research and clinical fields.
Reproductive Biology is one of the most fruitful medical sciences in the last three decades, with rapid and impressive growth. The amazing research and therapeutic achievements of this science, especially in the field of infertility treatment, have had a tremendous impact on human life. This growth and progress are the result of the comprehensive cooperation of basic and clinical science experts, including endocrinology, male and female infertility, genetics, and other sciences related to this field. 
Research in the field of stem cells, reproductive biology, and biotechnology in Iran is not limited to Royan Research Institute but is carried out throughout Iran in various research institutes and universities. Looking at the ten-year record of recruitment of human resources at Royan Institute, we find that a significant part of Royan researchers were among the students of different universities in the country, and also some of these students are working in prestigious scientific centers of the country after graduation. Therefore, maintaining rich scientific communication in order to benefit from scientific experiences is a collective movement toward success.
In this regard, the existence of a scientific association plays a significant role in creating these connections, providing a suitable platform for collective scientific activities, as well as taking advantage of the ability and creativity of all researchers in this field in scientific development and the movement of science production, science translation, and science application, so the first meeting of the founding board of the Royan Scientific Association was held by the invitation of several researchers of the Royan institute in June 2014.So It was decided that they should focus their efforts on bringing back information and experiences (with the aim of forming a network and establishing its main process) so that through numerous discussions and reviews, the bylaws of the association will be compiled and in line with its provisions, various solutions and implementation processes will be devised and designed.
The names of the founding board are:
Dr. Leila Satarian, Maryam Zarei, Parinaz Borjian, Zahra Jafarian, Samaneh Tousi, Shahidah Jahanian, Dr. Vahid Ezzatizadeh, Dr. Abbas Piryaei, Dr. Reza Maghdasali, Meysam Jangkhah, Reza Naghavian, Hossein Nazari, Mohammad Kazemi Ashtiani, Hossein Ghanian, and Sharif Moradi.

•   Identification of talented students and researchers in the field of Stem Cells, Reproductive Biology, and Biotechnology
•   Providing suitable fields for collective scientific activities
•   Using the potential and actual power of researchers to achieve goals related to Stem Cells, Reproductive Biology, and Biotechnology

Duties and activities
•   Identifying talented and interested students in the fields related to cell sciences and providing them with a field of activity in Royan Research Institute
•   Providing a suitable platform for multilateral cooperation with other scientific centers
•   Holding student seminars in universities in order to create unity and exchange opinions on various issues
•   Helping to promote congresses and seminars of Royan Research Institute
•   Establishing a virtual space to introduce the network and its members and update news and events
•   Holding scientific working groups within and interdisciplinary in different research fields
•   Providing necessary facilities for members to participate in congresses and workshops of other scientific centers
•   Connecting domestic students with foreign centers and vice versa

The scientific grouping of the network is based on new perspectives in biological and medical sciences.

  The scientific groups of the network are:
•   Reproductive medicine
•   Stem cells and developmental biology
•   Biotechnology
•   Regenerative medicine
•   Cell and tissue engineering
•   Cancer Medicine
•   Personalized medicine 
•   Cognitive sciences

We hope that with the joining of capable people with strong scientific morale, we can take great steps as soon as possible in order to promote and advance the high goals of Royan Scientific Network.

Ways to communicate:
rsn2@royan-ins. ir or royan. rsn@gmail. com
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