The Book Collection Unveiling Ceremony for Dr. Hossein Baharvand and His Colleagues

The Book Collection Unveiling Ceremony for Dr. Hossein Baharvand and His Colleagues According to the public relations report of Royan Institute, the Academy of Sciences held an unveiling ceremony for the books written by Dr. Hossein Baharvand, head of the Research Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Technology at Royan Institute, and his colleagues. The books, titled "Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine", were introduced in the presence of several distinguished guests, including Dr. Hassan Moslami Naeini, the Head of ACECR , Dr. Mohammad Reza Mokhber Dezfouli, the President of the Academy of Sciences, Dr. Amir Ali Hamidieh, Director of Pediatric Cell and Gene Therapy Research Center, and Dr. Abdolhossein Shahverdi, the President of Royan Institute.
Dr. Hassan Moslami Naeini said that Dr. Baharvand's efforts in writing this collection of books to increase general knowledge and raise the knowledge average of the society, and the entry of more people from other sciences such as engineering and even physics, mathematics, chemistry, etc. into this science, are commendable. While congratulating the publication of 9 more volumes of this collection, he announced that we hope the rest of the books will be published soon.
One of the unique features of this book collection is the up-to-date science and content, unique design, the presence of related images prepared by the authors, and their completeness and comprehensiveness as Persian reference books.But most importantly, the reason for the success of these books can be said to be the thinking that is current in them; Thinking that our stem cells is not only a science but also a culture, that is the culture of ability.

Dr. Baharvand and his colleagues were commended for authoring these invaluable books at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Publish date: 2023/11/18