About Us

Royan Institute was established in 1991 by the late Dr Saeid Kazemi Ashtiani and a group of researchers and physicians in Iran University of Medical Sciences of ACECR as an outpatient surgery center to provide medical services to infertile couples as well as research and training in reproductive sciences. In 2002, the research fields in Royan Institute extended into stem cell studies as well. Afterward the research findings were adjusted to application in regenerative medicine and cell therapy approaches. After succeeding three decades, Royan Institute focuses on increasing the success rate of infertility treatment alongside embryo health, and the level of public health through cell therapy clinical services.
Royan Institute now wishes in its 2025 vision to become the excellence in research, technology, education and treatment at the international level, likewise the scientific reference of stem cell science, biotechnology, reproductive biomedicine, and regenerative medicine and to be efficient in health of the society.

The mission of Royan Institute, which is aligned with the country’s comprehensive scientific roadmap and the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) development plan, can be categorized in the following aspects:
● Research and development of science and technology in the fields of reproductive biomedicine, stem cells and biotechnology
● Education and promotion of scientific findings at national and international levels
● Commercialization of research findings to offer services and biological products for the purpose of resolving the country’s specialized needs
● Treatment of infertile patients and difficult-to-treat diseases by the efficient use of research findings

Royan Institute is a center of superiority in research and technology, treatment and education at an international level, a pioneer in development of science, technology and innovation of biological sciences, and an internationally renowned authority on stem cells field, reproduction, biotechnology, and regenerative medicine alongside its effective role in improving the society’s health.

Overview of the Institute
● The first IVF child born in Royan, 1993
● The first ICSI child born in Royan, 1995
● Iran’s second success in open testicular biopsy to treat severe male infertility, 1996
● The first frozen embryo child born in Iran, 1996
● The first ICSI birth by frozen sperm of a gonadectomized man in Iran, 1999
● The first human embryonic stem cell line established in Iran and the region, 2003
● The first PGT child born in Iran, 2004
● First time use of adult stem cells in the treatment of MI during CABG in Iran, 2004
● Production of insulin producing cells from human embryonic stem cells, 2004
● Culture of human limbal stem cells on chorionic membrane, 2004
● Establishment of the first Private Cord Blood Bank in Iran, 2005
● The first IVM-IVF sheep born in Iran, 2006
● The first cloned sheep born in Iran, 2006
● Establishment of mouse and human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS), 2008
● The first cloned goat born in Iran, 2009
● A new method for treatment of Vitiligo by cell transplantation, 2009
● The first transgenic goats born in Iran, 2010
● The first calves born from vitrified in vitro developed embryos in Iran, 2011
● Establishment of cell therapy pre-hospital, 2011
● Establishment of Stem Cell Bank, 2011
● The first healthy child birth after Molecular PGT for beta-thalassemia in Iran, 2012
● Birth of eight cloned goats through the simplified method of SCNT in Iran, 2013
● Birth of the first cloned wild ram as an endangered species in Iran, 2015
● The first knock-in mice produced with CRISPR technology in Iran, 2016
● The first transgenic zebrafish disease models in Iran, 2017
● The first cryopreserved human ovarian tissue auto-transplantation in cancer patient, 2017