Royan Institute for Biotechnology

Royan Institute for Biotechnology (RI-B) was initially established in 2004 as the first research branch of Royan Institute that is located in Isfahan Province. RI-B was founded with the purpose of advancing researches in developmental-, cellular- and molecular-biology, in addition to the fields of bioengineering and reproductive technology specially in (domestic) Animal sciences. In this regard, this Institute has focused on somatic cell nuclear technology (SCNT), interspecies-SCNT, transgenesis, establishment of novel sperm selection methods for assisted reproductive technology, cell differentiation and the cell biology of peroxisomes. The endeavors of RI-B have made Royan Institute the pioneer of animal cloning in Iran and the Middle East. Coming up with the first cloned sheep in the Middle East in 2006 placed Iran among the few countries having this technology. Making use of this technology in producing transgenic animals has led to bringing the goats into being in Isfahan and Tehran (2009) with the ability to secrete human coagulation factor 9 and human Tissue Plasmogene Activator (hTPA) in their milk. Furthermore, the Institute is providing a comprehensive and coordinated “bench to production” approach in animal farming and the establishment of methods to increase the efficiency of assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in animals.
The vision of RI-B is to attain new heights in biotechnology research, and to make biotechnology as a premier precision tool for future health development.

RI-B Groups
● Cellular Biotechnology- Genetic Laboratory
● Cellular Biotechnology- Stem Cell Laboratory
● Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
● Reproductive Biotechnology- Andrology Laboratory
● Reproductive Biotechnology- Embryology Laboratory