The Laboratory Animal Science Core Facility

The Laboratory Animal Science Core Facility of Royan Institute plays a national role in education of scholars performing ground researches on experimental animals, by organizing proficient gadget in all categories within the animal research fields. Each center has three major activities:
  • Maintenance and breeding the animals
  • Creating animal models with surgical manipulations or chemical interactions
  • Research and develop animal modeling
Scientists of this service unit facility who are responsible for the design of animal experiments have to be graduated in Veterinary Medicine or one of biomedical science fields and must have taken a course on laboratory animal science which concentrates on humane and gentle handling of animals. They also should be aware of knowledge of alternative routes and ethical aspects of animal experimentation.

Modern laboratory animal science builds on the three Rs of Russell & Burch:
  • Replacement: Replace animal experiments with alternatives whenever possible.
  • Reduction: Reduce the number of experiments and number of animals in each experiment to an absolute minimum
  • Refinement: Refine experiments so that the animals undergo a minimum of discomfort
The primary aim of the Laboratory Animal Facility is to ensure that the three Rs are followed in practice.

  • Providing quality care for all animals used at Royan Institute
  • Assisting researchers in their mission of quality research with respect to humane use of laboratory animals
  • Providing researchers with a relevant education to enable them achieve scientific eminences in selected areas
  • Producing, supporting and maintaining laboratory animals required for research
  • Managing the animal care and having commitment to them
  • Managing a preventive medicine program for disease control
  • Advising research departments on all aspects of experimental use of animals, including experimental design, surgical, pre and post-operative care, oocyte and embryo harvesting, and experimental animal modeling establishment