Royan Innovative Technologies Acceleration & Commercialization Center (RITAC)

     -   Foundation 

Royan Innovative Technologies Acceleration and Commercialization Center (RITAC) was established in December 2019 to deepen the ecosystem of value creation and provide the conditions for the growth and development of the mentioned ecosystem components.

     -   Introduction of Structure

RITAC was created by combining the following centers:

  • Royan Institute Commercialization Office: 
The focus on commercialization has been central to Royan's provision of infertility treatment services and knowledge-based products since its establishment. As a result of this approach, the company "Royan Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells" was formed.  In 2012, the "Clarified Research Commercialization Office" was established to implement this attitude. This center played a significant role in the formation of "Cell Tech Pharmed" and the other companies, and also collaborated with Lotus Funding Group to establish the "Rooyesh Investment" fund.
  • Royan Biotechnology Development Center:
The center was founded in 2009 at Alborz Science and Technology Park. It has since been operating under RITAC while retaining the available spaces at Alborz Park to facilitate communication between the owners of technological ideas and knowledge-based and start-up businesses in Tehran. The advantages of this center can be mentioned as being a member of the park and having laboratory and office spaces, proximity, and the possibility of using the services of the laboratory animal center.
  • Royan Innovation Center:
The center is intended to accelerate superior ideas with an "Open Innovation" approach or in knowledge-based and applied fields in which Royan Research Institute has an advantage - such as Infertility Treatment Complements. It should be noted that this unit is currently being established and its licensing procedures are being followed.

     -   Mission

Facilitating the conditions for the growth of technologies and planning for the commercialization of products to strengthen and upgrade the ecosystem of innovation and creating knowledge-based value in the field of health and related fields through the creation of effective convergence between actors and actors of the mentioned ecosystem is the duty of the center.

     -   Program

Its main programs are as follows:
  • Evaluating related ideas and plans and supporting the process of turning selected plans into business
  • Facilitating financing and investment conditions in start-up businesses
  • Creating an effective interaction space between technology researchers and the market
  • Facilitating the possibility of marketing-related knowledge-based products
  • Creating acceleration conditions for ideas and accompanying the owners of ideas to business
  • Facilitating production conditions on a higher scale than laboratory scale
     -   Goals
  1. Strengthening, upgrading, and completing the ecosystem that develops and facilitates innovative, technological, and commercialization activities.
  2. Activating the Open Innovation approach to meet the technological and innovative needs in issues with relative advantage in the field of health

     -   Slogan

“Transform Innovative Ideas into Commercial Reality“

     -   The Ecosystem of Creating Value Royan

RITAC's scope of work is a wide range that somehow includes from the beginning to the end of the cycle and its beginning again.

RITAC Phase ǀ :
  • Researchers start with the most basic state of the cycle by simply researching.
  • Among the conducted researches, those who are closer to technology are further developed by granting funds through the charity investment fund in practical and approved issues.
  • After achieving the appropriate development, a feasibility study and a business plan are prepared.
  • If the necessary conditions are met, after FS and BP are approved, the project will be submitted to Rooyesh Lotus Fund for financing. Otherwise, it will return to the research cycle for optimization.
  • The mentioned plan refers to one of the two technology production centers currently active in Royan, i.e. Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMP) or Royan Bio-Technology Center (RBC), and it goes through its development until it reaches technical knowledge.
  • Ati Tech Company carries out activities related to regulations and food and drug organization.
  • After receiving the necessary approvals and licenses from the Food and Drug Organization, Daneshfani will be ready to be released to the market and manufacturing companies.
  • Individual projects outside of RBC and ATMP are developed by forming technology cores and finding foreign investors. Finally, they will continue their work by becoming a company and selling the product.
RITAC Phase ǁ:
Researchers from Royan Institute or other research and academic centers submit their projects under one of the considered specialized accelerators, which helps to develop the necessary product and finally be offered in the market.

     -   Companies and Cores in RITAC

The companies and cores present in Royan Biotechnology Center include the following units: 

  • Companies:
  1. Royan Stem Cell Technology Company
  2. Cell Tech Pharmed Company
  3. Royan Biotech Company
  4. Royin Tan Cell Company
  5. Royan Bon Cell Company
  6. Rooyesh Gene Asa Teb Company
  7. Royan Ati Tech Pharmed Company
  8. Dam Spadana Company
  9. Royan Immune Biotechnology Company
  10. Rahbar Andishan Sanat Rad Company
  11. Kian Immune Cell Company
  12. Hakim Faraz Alborz Kimia Company
  • Technology Cores:
  1. Pharm Gene
  2. Development of Iranian health management
  3. Smart Health Research Group

For more information about RITAC center, you can contact us in the following ways:

          No. 6, Keshvari Alley., Banihashem Sq., Banihashem St., Qasem Soleimani Expressway (Resalat Ave)., Tehran, Iran