Charity Institutions

Two factors, first of all, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution's trust in a group of young researchers, and second, the help of benefactors, helped to establish a center that promoted science and knowledge.
Royan Institute is a public non-profitable organization that was established with the participation of charity institutions. Dr. Saeed Kazemi's efforts to establish an infertility treatment institute during the years 1989 to 1991, and came to fruition and caused the scientific growth of the country.
Now, the result of those contributions is the creation of a center that not only responds to thousands of infertile couples every year but also by entering the field of stem cell research, caused to treat incurable patients in the not-so-distant future.
Despite all government aid to Royan Institute, we believe in the effectiveness of financial aid from all benefactors. In this regard, Royan Charity Institutions has been established since 2011 to attract charitable donations, and those who are interested can deposit their cash donations to the current account number 999 of Shahr Bank, Bani Hashem Square branch. Your non-cash donations will also be used in the laboratories and research environments of the research institute by including the name of the benefactor on the device. Please inform us of your help by phone number
In addition, those who want to provide financial assistance to patients who do not have enough financial resources to use infertility treatment services can send their cash donations to:
81100000348002 Parsian Bank, Bani Hashem branch account (code 1084)
and Shaba number:
Deposit in the name of Royan social working fund.